Board Officers

President – R.J. Weber

Vice President - Al Kulhanek

Secretary - Sherri Kuss

Treasurer – Melissa Dupke

Board Members

Jerry Matuszek

Kris Fulwiler

Susan Heim

Rose Skaletski

The Friends of the Ahnapee, a non profit organization, was created exclusively for the promotion, development and maintenance of the Ahnapee State Trail. The Friends partner with Kewaunee and Door County and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in developing and maintaining the trail. Friends of the Ahnapee is a grass roots group dedicated to raise the consciousness of the local people and potential visitors to the quality aspects of the trail. This is accomplished through publications, special events, and interpretive and community programs including “hands-on” projects. They monitor trail use and condition, plan improvements, conduct events, undertake maintenance and solicit funds to support the trail. All their work is volunteer. You can join and help too!

Friends of the Ahnapee State Trail

E4280 Cty. Rd. F Kewaunee, WI 54216

Kewaunee County Promotions & Recreation Department

Trail conditions & County info: (920) 388-7199 General information: (920) 388-0444 Email:

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